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ECG (Electrocardiogram)


What Is It?

An ECG is a recording taken to check your heart rhythm, rate and the electrical activity of your heart.

How Is It Done?

You lay on your back on a bed with top clothing removed or opened to access your chest. We clean your skin then fit electrode pads to your chest, arms and legs. ECG leads are attached to these pads to generate an ECG which is recorded and printed. This is a non-invasive procedure that takes approximately 10 minutes. Once assessed by a Cardiologist, a report is emailed to your Doctor. ECG recordings are taken by our practice nurse or the Cardiologist during a consult.

What to wear?

Please wear a separate top which is easy to remove.

Is there any preparation required?

There is no preparation or aftercare required, however occasionally we may need to remove some chest hair to achieve good recordings.

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