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Exercise Treadmill Test - ETT /Exercise ECG (Electrocardiogram)


What Is It?

An ETT helps detect changes in your heart function during exercise. Your GP may have referred to this test as a ‘stress test’ or an ‘exercise tolerance test’.

How Is It Done?

You walk, jog or run on a computer programmed, motor assisted treadmill which monitors and records the effect this exercise effort has on your heart. It records any changes that are happening, to help assess your heart health. The procedure is managed by 2 cardiac technicians or nurses, with a cardiologist on hand. ECG leads are attached to electrode pads on your chest and a monitor is worn around your waist. After review by a cardiologist, a report is emailed to you and your GP.


We will give you an information sheet to help prepare. Wear comfortable clothing that allows you to move freely, walking shoes or bare feet. Women can wear a sport/comfortable bra, we provide an open shirt. Men may be bare chested and we may shave your chest to attach the electrode pads. Allow 45 minutes.

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