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Cardiac Event Recorder


What is it?

This test is used to record events that happen over time using a miniature and portable ECG recorder. Sometimes people only get their symptoms at certain times of the day or as a result of an activity. For this reason, the cardiac event recorder allows us to record these events, without you having to wait in the treatment room until they occur.

How is it done?

The test involves the use of a small, portable ECG machine the size of a small mobile phone. The electrodes are stuck to your skin as with a full ECG, but you then leave the treatment room and get on with your daily life. Recordings are only obtained when you activate it by pressing a button. We teach you how to use the device, remove and reattach it, so any symptoms over two weeks can be recorded.


Please wear a separate top. You will need to wear clothes that allow you to move freely whilst wearing the ECG machine and electrodes.

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