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Spirometry and Oximetry


What is it?

Spirometry is a procedure to review your pulmonary (lung) function. It measures the amount (volume) and speed (flow) of air that you inhale and exhale. Our Practice Nurse will guide you through this procedure which helps identify asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and other conditions that affect breathing. Oximetry is taken also - this is a quick, non-invasive procedure to measure the percentage of oxygen in your blood.

How is it done?

Our nurse will program the spirometer specifically for you. You will fit a nose-clip to ensure your nostrils are closed so you breathe in and out of a mouthpiece attached to the spirometer. You take in a deep breath through the mouthpiece then blow out as fast and hard and long as you can - the nurse will assist and prompt you during this procedure which is repeated a minimum of three times.
Pre and post-bronchodilator spirometry may be required to evaluate the effectiveness of a bronchodilator inhaler (reliever inhaler). This is administered by the nurse and the spirometry review is repeated after 15 minutes.

The results will be analyzed by a cardiologist/respiratory physician and a report will be forwarded to you and your referring Doctor. Please allow 45 minutes for this test.

What to wear?
Wear loose clothing that will not interfere with your ability to take a deep breath.

Is there any preparation required?

Please avoid eating a large meal before your test, as this will allow you to breathe easier. If you are on inhalers, DO NOT take these for a minimum of 6 hours prior (unless informed otherwise). Do not smoke, ingest coffee, tea, Coca-Cola for 3 hours prior.

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